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MI Consulting prides itself on approaching technology from a “whole business” perspective, from initial assessment and analysis to implementation and the final stage of support. Our extensive IT services completely encompass a full rance of disciplines, which in turn allows MI Consulting to be your complete IT resource.

Web Based Solutions
MI Consulting’s Web-based solutions help to transform your critical data into what will be both a corporate asset and a definitive competitive advantage. Our highly specialized consultants design Web sites that will effectively and comprehensively represent your business. Our consultants are also proficient at developing Web-based systems that will truly liberate the value of your data and information. From e-commerce Web sites to intranets and extranets, MI Consulting can help you utilize the power of the Internet to leverage your information anywhere, be it across the room or around the globe.

Web Site Design and Development
At MI Consulting we are aware of the importance that a concise, comprehensive and compelling Web site can have to a company. A Web Site should be an effective representation of your business, while being attractive, cutting edge, and informative. That is why we specialize here at MI Consulting in creating and updating Web site’s that will be inviting but concise and easy to navigate.

MI Consulting will create your Web Site in continuous accord with you, ensuring all the while that your company’s message is communicated in a proper and clear way through the following:

  • Graphics and image processing
  • Creative concepting
  • Marketing and development of site architecture
  • Flash and GIF animation and more.

E-Commerce Solutions
MI Consulting is pleased to offer you complete e-commerce or shopping cart solutions for your website. Through seamless integration with your overall online identity, our e-commerce package comes with a wide array of features and functionalities, including:

  • Secure, instant credit card processing
  • State tax calculations
  • Automatic UPS shipping calculations
  • Convenient catagories and sub-catagories for items
  • Pricing for discounts and/or specials
  • Automatic e-mail notification and order confirmation

In addition, our shopping cart will provide you, the merchant, with other convenient and valuable functionality such as:

  • Configuration of discounts by industry, quantity, or customer history
  • Administration screens for adding items, changing prices, etc.
  • Ability to track customer history and gather contact information
  • Ability to track product statistics and run reports on top products viewed, purchased, top customer totals, etc.

Other convenient features for consumers include:

  • Configuration of discounts by industry, quantity, or customer history.
  • Account information such as last purchase, purchase history, and shipping status
  • Ability to ship to multiple addresses
  • Site Search

Custom Programing and Web Development
MI Consulting is proud to deliver a wide range of Web-based systems and applications.
We offer support and enhancement off your existing applications, as well as the development of new programming.

We possess high level expertise in the following scripting and tools:

  • JavaScript
  • Actionscript
  • VBS Script
  • ASP
  • PHP
  • CGI
  • Perl
  • VB.Net

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