MI Consulting not only believes in providing its clients with high end products, but backing up those products with top notch, efficient and quality support. From managed care to scheduled support, MI Consulting stands behind its products one hundred percent. MI Consulting provides a variety of options for every level of IT support as well as intensive hands-on training to help your company make the most out of it’s technologies.

Network Support
Managed Care
Our most comprehensive and collaborative approach to managing IT infrastructures. The objective of Managed Care is to provide the bench-strength and skills of a fully staffed IT department to meet your company’s ongoing and growing needs.

PMP (Practical Maintenance Program)
A practical approach to system maintenance and support helps companies to reduce technology costs by managing internal systems efficiently. Our Practical Maintenance Program is designed to significantly reduce emergency calls and enhance your systems stability through both scheduled maintenance and support.

  • plans scheduled monthly or quarterly
  • reduces emergency calls
  • cuts technology costs
  • lessens downtime
  • enhances system stability

Advanced Monitoring and Performance Management
Advanced Monitoring and Performance Management is a critical business solution that allows proactive monitoring, measuring and tracking of your network’s performance around the clock. This is a powerful offering that ensures your network is always running at it’s peak performance.

Scheduled Support
MI Consulting will provide highly trained and specialized technical engineers to perform your networks administration, technical support, and end-user training on a regularly scheduled basis.

WebSite Support
Web Maintenance
Our team of specialized web developers will make sure that your company’s Web site is always fresh and functioning at peak performance through consistent testing and updating of information. Web Maintenance will ensure that your Web site remains an asset, representing your business in an accurate and effective manner.

On-Site Support
MI Consulting delivers leading-edge hardware and software support that is sure to keep your business up and running. MI Consulting guarantees a maximum of 1-hour phone support and/or 5 hour On-Site response time.

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