Case Studies

The case studies that are listed below are a sampling of our clients by industry, why they came to MI Consulting, the issues that the presented, the methodology to reach a solution and the final solution that was presented.

Special Education Services

Total Integrated Solution
This client chose to work with MI Consulting first and foremost because they felt that they could trust us. They found that we were a professional and reliable company to deal with. They felt that MI Consulting would provide them with a total simplified solution that met all of their needs.

This special Education Services company was looking for a total combined solution. We were able to handle all aspects of his IT business needs and streamline this clients needs into one central setting; Hardware, Software, Communications, Data Security and Web Solutions. All needs came together into a unified simple setting.

1. Initiated the project by working closely with the client to assess the solutions that met their needs. In doing so focused on the end goal of a combined vision from both MI Consulting and the client. Worked together to come to the resolution of two plans, one for the short term, and one for the long term outcome. Determined what their budgetary concerns were and solidified a budget for the project.

2. Moved the project forward by working on one aspect at a time, integrating each solution as completed. Held regular consultant/client meetings in order to review our goals and the direction that we are heading in to assure that the project is remaining on target.

3. When the project was completed we worked out a service plan for maintaining the solution. Moved ahead at a measured pace so that the technology integrated into the solution would not become outdated.

Provide the client with Data Integrity & Safety, Networking, Backups, Server Management, Integrated Communications, Monthly Maintenance (with a stringent Checklist requirement, to secure and maintain software to ensure minimal to no downtime).

Using the latest Microsoft® Technologies we provided our client with a broad array of integrated solutions; data stability, database structure & development, front end and back end software solutions and mobile data access solutions.

Data Security
Provided the client with high end data security and WAN/LAN security.

Web Solutions
Designed a high end website for the client. Integrated the website for both internal usage as well as the world wide web. Integrated SQL data and data security into the design and management of the website.

Medical Clinic and Lab

This client chose to work with MI Consulting based on the recommendation of another satisfied client. This client originally started with one location which held ten computers, one server and one WAN connection. Through expansion and proper IT management and development they have now expanded to three locations, which hold over seventy-five computers, five servers, high-speed WAN connection, and backup WAN connections as well as they have data servers, backup servers communication servers, etc.

They needed a combination of hardware maintenance as well as a ready software solution for their industry. They were also in need of HIPPA compliant security on a new WAN setup, multiple location VPN, Lab Independent software. All software needed to be integrated (lab, clinic, and billing) in order to be able to share data across LAN and WAN with the utmost regard to security. Finally they needed a complete website solution with design, e-mail and hosting.

This was an extended project that was completed over the course of four years. MI Consulting assisted them in growing into a great company. We started with managing their network and progressed on to every IT aspect. We helped their IT needs both in Hardware and Software kept up with the company’s growth.

1. Complete Hardware Maintenance
2. Ready Software Solution for their Industry
3. New WAN Setup with HIPPA compliant security.
4. VPN between multiple locations
5. Lab independent software
6. Integrated software for data sharing across secure LAN and WAN
7. Complete Web Solution with e-mail and hosting.

Law Firm, NYC

This client came to us because they felt we were the most capable to fulfill their IT needs and because were were a complete IT solution. They wanted to focus on their business not the technology needed to run it.

This client needed a network management solution for data maintenance and security. They needed to be on the leading edge of technology, with the easiest ways to manage large amounts of “paper work”, being connected internationally, and have the ability to be connected at all times with their data. They also needed an industry standard solution for billing of clients.

We analyzed the clients needs and determined that they would be best served by continuous updating as well as a variety of solutions.

1. Hardware Maintenance, Large Scale Faxing Solutions, worldwide login to a central office with security, Data management, secure on-site and off-site automatic backups.
2. Paperless Scanning Solutions
3. Website design, e-mail and hosting.

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