Technology has become a necessity in most any business’ road to success, businesses of every size, have come to rely heavily on technology in many ways. MI Consulting’s clients are no exception to this rule, though they do have one distinct advantage, the expertise they have found with MI Consulting serving their IT needs. Through strategic analysis of a company’s specific needs, MI Consulting is able to provide a finely tuned and customized IT solution for each individual client. No two businesses are exactly alike, therefore no two IT Solutions are exactly the same.

MI Consulting can provide you with tailored IT solutions in:

  • Network Design, Development & Installation
  • Full Website Design and Programming
  • Web & E-mail Hosting Control Management Console
  • Custom Applications Development
  • Remote Access and Wireless Technologies
  • Security Plans & Solutions
  • Computerized Phone Systems
  • Disaster Recovery
  • and More
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