If you cannot find the answer you are more than welcome to call us @ 718.853.0017

Q: What is Our Charges?
A: We are charging each case independently, we have to examine the case before the charge, because of that the ESTIMATE on every case is FREE! in other words - we will let you know how much we will charge you before we even start the work.

Q: How long will you provide me with the service?
A: Usually we provide the estimate at the same day and at most cases we finish the work at the same day, our fast service and highly knowledge got us to where we are today.

Q: Will you do an onsite service?
A: Yes, we can do onsite repairs in the NYC Metro area.

Q: What is the expertise level of the technicians who work in the company?
A: The technicians are all with professional’s certificates, highly professional with years of experience.

Q: Will you charge me if you don’t fix my problem?
A: No, if we cannot fix your problem there is NO charge! Our ace IT people have NEVER could not solve a problem!

Q: What is your address?
A: Our office Address is: 1849-50th Street, Brooklyn NY

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